Nonlinear Data Analysis Seminar

Time: Fri. 10:30-11:30

Place: 4106 Exploratory


The focus of the seminar will be on new applications of mathematics to data analysis.

Date Speaker Topic Materials
Feb. 10 M. Vazquez Bengio and LeCun paper Slides
Feb. 17 and 24 No meeting (conflict with hiring meetings)
Mar. 3 V. Chakilam Bengio paper Slides
Mar. 10 No meeting
Mar. 17 No meeting (Spring break)
Mar. 24 I. Griva Support vector machines
Mar. 31 No meeting (AWM event)
Apr. 7 No meeting
Apr. 14 V. Chakilam Bengio paper Part 2 Slides
May 5 V. Chakilam Reinforcement learning Slides


1. Scaling learning algorithms towards AI by Yoshua Bengio and Yann LeCun.

2. Learning deep architectures for AI by Yoshua Bengio.

3. Understanding deep convolutional networks by Stephane Mallat.