Mathematical Sciences

College of Science

Faculty Research

Many faculty have areas of interest in several specializations, but they are roughly categorized as follows.

Applied and Computational Mathematics

This group includes people with subspecialties in applied and computational mathematics, ordinary and partial differential equations, and dynamical systems.


  • Kathleen T. Alligood
  • Daniel M. Anderson
  • Harbir Antil
  • Maria Emelianenko
  • Harbir Lamba
  • Jeng-Eng Lin
  • Robert L. Sachs
  • Evelyn Sander
  • Stephen H. Saperstone
  • Timothy D. Sauer
  • Padmanabhan Seshaiyer
  • Thomas Wanner

Algebraic Structures, Combinatorics, and Optimization

This group includes faculty members with subspecialities in commutative and non-commutative ring theory, combinatorics and graph theory, and linear, convex optimization, and mathematical economics.


  • Geir Agnarsson
  • Neil Epstein
  • Michael R. Gabel
  • Igor Griva
  • James F. Lawrence
  • Walter Morris
  • Jay A. Shapiro

Geometry and Topology

The geometry and topology group has subspecialities in set-theoretic topology, metric spaces, dimension theory, box topology, algebraic and topological properties of continuous functions, curvature operators, convex and discrete geometry, symplectic geometry and group actions.


  • Rebecca F. Goldin
  • John S. Kulesza
  • James F. Lawrence
  • Sean Lawton
  • Chris Manon
  • Valeriu Soltan
  • Thomas Wanner
  • Stanley M. Zoltek

Potential Theory and Analysis

Subspecialities include potential theory in euclidean and discrete spaces, complex analysis, functional analysis, euclidean harmonic analysis including sampling theory, Radon transforms, wavelet theory, and applications.


  • Flavia Colonna
  • David H. Singman
  • David F. Walnut
  • Thomas Wanner