Mathematical Sciences

College of Science

Graduate Programs in Mathematics

The Mathematical Sciences Department offers courses in pure and applied mathematics leading to the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Science in mathematics, as well as several variations of the traditional MS degree and a Certificate in actuarial science. The PhD program trains mathematicians for further research, high-level teaching, and industrial employment. A young, energetic faculty base with renowned mathematicians leads our programs. Graduate classes are also offered in the evening to accommodate part-time students.

The Department has limited teaching and research assistantships for full-time students. Support includes stipends and tuition waivers.

Degree Offerings

Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics (PhD)

The PhD program consists of graduate course work in pure and/or applied mathematics and culminates in a thesis consisting of original research in mathematics.

Masters of Science in Mathematics (MS)

The Masters of Science program consists of graduate course work in pure and/or applied mathematics and a creative component. George Mason offers the Standard program or Emphasis on Computational and Applied Mathematics.

Actuarial Sciences Graduate Certificate

This part-time program in actuarial sciences. offers specific training in actuarial sciences, providing a solid foundation for the Casualty Actuarial Society exams.

Mathematics and Statistical Science Dual Degree (MS)

This dual degree is a joint MS program in both mathematics and statistics, allowing students to receive an MS in Mathematics and in statistical science with a reduced credit load compared to doing two MS degrees separately.

Bachelors/Accelerated Masters Program (BA/MS)

This accelerated program allows students to obtain a Bachelor's and a Masters in mathematics in five years.