Mathematical Sciences

College of Science

Mathematics, Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s Degree

This five-year degree program allows academically strong students to obtain a BS and MS by successfully completing 144 credits within five academic years and one summer. Well-prepared students are admitted to this program on completion of 90 credits, take selected graduate courses during their senior year, and are able to use up to 6 graduate credits to partially satisfy requirements for the undergraduate degree. Upon completion of that degree and with satisfactory graduate level performance (3.00) in graduate courses, students are given advanced standing in the Master's program and complete an additional 24 credits to receive the MS degree. All other MS degree requirements must be met.

For more information, click here: Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s Degree Fact Sheet.

Qualified students are generally A and A- students; students may be dismissed from the program if they earn below a B in MATH 290, 315, 322, 321, or in any graduate course in MATH. This program is intended for strong students in mathematics who will easily gain admission into our MS program.

Students who wish to apply for this program should request admission to the program following the process online through the link here. At the beginning of the semester in which a student graduates, he or she should fill out this form to count up to four graduate courses, taken while the student is an undergraduate, toward the MS degree. When a student receives the BS degree, his or her application is automatically sent to the Math Department be considered for the MS degree; students who have fulfilled the requirements in terms of coursework are generally accepted into the MS program at that point.