Mathematical Sciences

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Combinatorics, Algebra and Geometry Seminar (CAGS)


The Seminar meets 12:30 -- 1:30 PM on Fridays in Exploratory Hall, room 4106. The room is equipped with white boards, and a projector.

CAGS Chair: Geir Agnarsson

The CAGS is intended as an informal venue, where faculty members, graduate students, visitors from near and far can come and give informal talks on their research, interesting new topics, open problems or just share their thoughts/ideas on anything interesting relating to combinatorics, algebra and discrete geometry. Needless to say, all are welcome to attend, and those who want to give a talk, should email me Geir ("gagnarssREMOVETHIS the at sign gmu dot edu" of course, remove the string "REMOVETHIS" from this address!) the title and a short abstract. The talks should be no longer than 50 minutes long; leaving a few minutes for questions, comments and further discussions afterwards.

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Spring 2020


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