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Math 629: Homological Algebra

Dr. J. Shapiro

Office:         Room 4413, Exploratory Hall 
Telephone:   (703) 993-1485


Material to Review

Homework Assignments:

The homework problems under "additional" are for your own benefit and are not for hand-in (unless you want me to look them over).   Homeworks can be handed in during class or in the envelope on my office door.

Due Date
Mon. Feb. 2
 Homework 2 TBA
 Homework 3 Due Monday, March 16
 Homework 4 TBA
 Homework 5 Due Wed. April 29

Answer Key to homework:

Homework 1

Homework 2

Homework 3

Homework 4


Here is the link to the exercises on the Zariski Topology (not for hand-in)

Here is the link to the diagram for EXT




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