The syllabus.

quit relaxing:

I hope you had a nice Spring Break!

The class will proceed, more or less as before, except that we won't be "in class"! New notes will appear here, but we will be switching over to BlackBoard, a little at a time. Videos discussing the material in the notes will appear on BlackBoard, weekly. This week's videos are there now.

You should now have access to this course on BlackBoard.

Our nominal class time is MW, 1:30 - 2:45; however nothing special will be happening then, and you can view the course material at times you choose. When you watch the videos, I hope you will often click the pause button to give yourself time to think about whatever is being discussed.

Beginning in week n+2 of classes (where week n was the last week before Spring Break), there will be some quizzes, as usual. The schedule for the second test and the final exam will show up in a new syllabus, eventually.

When you have questions, send me email. You can do that any time, but on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, I will probably be able to answer right away.

Now head to BB!


There will be no test on April Fool's Day. (That's 4/1.)

Check back here when your extended Spring Break is over, next Monday, March 23. Our class will continue, online.

some notes

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2-26 3-2
week n+1

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