Matt Hiking

Matt Holzer
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematical Sciences
George Mason University

Get In Touch:

My office is 4458 Exploratory Hall.

My email is mholzer at

About Me:

My research interests are in differential equations, existence and stability of traveling waves and pattern formation. Before coming to Mason, I completed my Ph.D. at Boston University and was a postdoc at the University of Minnesota.

Outside of mathematics, I play ultimate frisbee, hike, and spend time with my lovely wife and son.


Fall 2021: Differential Equations (Math 214) and Probability (Math 351)

Spring 2021: Ordinary Differential Equations (Math 677) and Complex Variables (Math 411)

Fall 2020: Partial Differential Equations (Math 678) and Ordinary Differential Equations (Math 214)

Spring 2020: Ordinary Differential Equations (Math 677) and Linear Algebra (Math 203)


  1. Pattern formation in random networks using graphons, preprint, 2021 (with Jason Bramburger). pdf
  2. Epidemic spreading on complex networks as front propagation into an unstable state, preprint, 2021 (with Ashley Armbruster, Noah Roselli and Lena Underwood). pdf
  3. Asymptotic spreading for Fisher-KPP reaction-diffusion equations with heterogeneous shifting diffusivity. DCDS-S, in press, 2021 (with Grégory Faye and Thomas Giletti). pdf
  4. Locked fronts in a discrete time discrete space population model. submitted, 2020 (with Zachary Richey, Wyatt Rush and Samuel Schmidgall). pdf
  5. Invasion into remnant instability: a case study in front dynamics. to appear in Indiana University Mathematics Journal, 2021 (with Grégory Faye, Arnd Scheel and Lars Siemer). pdf
  6. Asymptotic stability of the critical pulled front in a Lotka-Volterra competition model. Journal of Differential Equations, 269 (9), 6559-6601, 2020 (with Grégory Faye). pdf
  7. Asymptotic stability of the critical Fisher-KPP front using pointwise estimates. ZAMP, 70:13, 2019. (with Grégory Faye). pdf
  8. Estimating epidemic arrival times using linear spreading theory. Chaos, 28(1), 2018 (with Lawrence Chen and Anne Shapiro). pdf
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Undergraduate Research Mentored:

  1. Invasion fronts and pattern formation in a model of chemotaxis in one and two dimensions. SIAM Undergraduate Research Online. 6 (2013), 228-245. (Koushiki Bose, Tyler Cox, Stefano Silvestri and Patrick Varin) pdf