Harbir Antil


  • Greedycpp - A fast, scalable and easy-to-use parallelization of the greedy algorithm for building application-specific basis, empirical interpolants and reduced order quadrature rules. Features include (i) Easy to interface with existing models, (ii) validate the approximation quality, (iii) find the empirical interpolation points using a fast algorithm (iv) parallelized for shared and distributed memory environments. download

  • Please cite the code as:
    H. Antil, D. Chen, and S. E. Field.
    A Note on QR-Based Model Reduction: Algorithm, Software, and Gravitational Wave Applications.
    Submitted 2017.

  • PDE Constrained Optimization.
    H. Antil . 2018. Code

  • Fractional PDEs
    H. Antil and J. Pfefferer.
    A short Matlab implementation of fractional Poisson equation with nonzero boundary conditions.
    Technical Report 2017. Technical Report and Code