George Mason University, Department of Mathematical Sciences

Introduction to Advanced Mathematics brought to you by Dr. Harbir Lamba

Here is the syllabus and some help for LaTeX. To help with picking up the syntax for LaTeX here is a sample .tex file and the the pdf output. Compare the two carefully especially noting equation formatting, numbering, referencing etc.

UPDATE (March 31) Please check your email about our testing of Blackboard Collaborate in tomorrow's lecture. Also, I have just updated the notes for tomorrow's lecture linked to below. Download it again if you haven't already.

UPDATE (March 29): For the week of March 30 -- April 3 we will cover Sections 3.4--3.5 of the book. Make sure that you are all online during the classtimes and I will answer any individual questions you have about the material (Monday: Any questions about the homework exercises and Section 3.4, Wednesday: Section 3.5). Any questions that you ask me individually I will pass on to the rest of the class with my explanations if appropriate. Here are the notes for all of Chapter 3 to help you understand the material here. Don't skimp on reading the Proofs. These notes are NOT a replacement for the book and will not get you through the tests. As usual, attempt properly all the asterisked questions as soon as we finish a section.

The test on April 6th will cover all the sections in the book from 2.3 to 3.5 inclusive. I am still figuring out how to proctor the exam. Keep checking this webpage for details.

I will also be online during my official office hours so that you can get immediate assistance. I will also have extra office hours every week on Friday 10-11am unless I say otherwise. You can of course email me any time with questions but the reply may take a bit longer.

There are lots of online videos on eg Youtube and Khan Academy for this material --- especially Equivalence Relations.

IMPORTANT: Because of the extended Spring break the dates of the remaining two in-class tests and the final have all been moved back exactly one week. So they will be on Monday April 6, Wednesday May 6 and Wednesday May 13.