George Mason University, Department of Mathematical Sciences

Introduction to Advanced Mathematics brought to you by Dr. Harbir Lamba

The syllabus for the semester is here. For the first week we will have online meetings in the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra virtual meeting space at the official class times. Read the syllabus for what I am planning after that.

The textbook for the course is `A Transition to Advanced Mathematics' (8th edition) by Smith, Eggen and St. Andre.

Here is some help for LaTeX. To help learn the general syntax for LaTeX here is a sample .tex file and the the pdf output. Compare the two carefully especially paying attention to the labelling, referencing and layout of the equations.

12/12/2020 I have now also emailed you a link to the zoom meeting for the office hours on Monday 9-10.

12/12/2020 IMPORTANT: I have emailed you a link to the zoom meeting for the final exam (4.30--6.30 Tuesday). If you have not received it please let me know asap.

12/03/2020 Just a reminder that the last online meeting is today at 4.30. The final exam will be from 4.30--6.30 on Dec 15th.

11/29/2020 The final video covering Sections 5.4 and 5.5 is now available on Blackboard. We will have email office hours on Tuesday and an online one on Thursday as usual. I will post details of my office hours before the final exam on Dec 15 as soon as I have figured them out.

11/24/2020 Just a reminder that there are no 290 classes or videos this week. The video for next week should appear on Blackboard later this week. Also you should have received your graded tests back today with an extremely approximate grade going into the final.

11/09/2020 The topic for the third writing assignment is here. Note that it is 2000 words and will be worth double the first two.