Geir Agnarsson 
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematical Sciences 
George Mason University 
4400 University Drive, MS 3F2 
Fairfax, VA 22030, USA 
Office: Exploratory Hall, room 4412 
Hours: By appointment 
Phone: (703) 993-1477 
Fax: (703) 993-1491 
E-mail: geir THEATSIGN math PERIOD gmu PERIOD edu, or, gagnarss THEATSIGN gmu PERIOD edu.
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My research interest are as follows, where the most recent topics are listed first.

Combinatorics, Algebra and Geometry Seminar (CAGS)

I am currently the Chair of our CAGS at GMU mathematics department, as I have been for many years.

Those who want to give a talk, should email me, Geir, the title and a short abstract.

Book on graph theory

My graph theory book that my co-author Ray Greenlaw and I wrote together, was published by in Septemeber 2007.

I maintain an ERRATA sheet for various typos and mistakes that we the authors find and that also keep trickling in from users of this book from all around the world! Further comments and related references are always welcomed! -- Sincere thanks to Prof. Robert W. Robinson at The University of Georgia (UGA) and the students of his Math(CSCI) -- 4690/6690 graph theory class of Spring 2009, who used this textbook and found numerous typos and other small (yet embarrassing!) mistakes.

Complete solutions to a selected number of exercises are available from the publisher, Pearson Prentice Hall. Instructors should contact Executive Editor Jeff Weidenaar (Email: jeff.weidenaar THEATSIGN pearson PERIOD com, Phone 781-929-0824) for the solutions. -- Needless to say, comments on typos and other SNAFUs in these solutions are always welcomed!


During this strange COVID-19 pandemic Spring Semester of 2020, I am teaching the following courses: