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    Instructor: Ellen O'Brien
    Phone: 703 993-1483
    Office: Exploratory Hall 4223
    Office Hours: TR 11:30-12:30;
    Email: eobrien@gmu.edu


Math Placement Test Score - 13 or greater on Algebra I section
or successful completion of the self-paced Algebra Program offered by the Math Learning Center.

Discrete Mathematics for IT
    Prentice Hall, Custom Edition 2006

Course Content
Math 112 satisfies the Discrete Mathematics requirement for the AIT degree. The course will cover the following topics:

      • Logic
      • Sets
      • Principles of Counting
      • Permutations and Combinations
      • Probability
      • Graphs and Trees
      • Summation Notation
      • Mathematical Induction

Test Dates

      • Test 1 :   Thursday, February 13
      • Test 2 :   Thursday, March 20
      • Test 3 :   Thursday, April 17
      • Final Exam :  Tuesday, May 13, 12:00pm-2:00pm *NEW TIME

Your grade for the course will be calculated based on three exams (100 points each), quizzes(100 points) and a final exam (200 points). The sum of these grade divide by 6 determines your grade according to the scale:

  A: 90-100   B:80-89.9  C:70-79.9   D:65-69.9   F: below 65

+ or - will be attached ( if applicable) to the grades that occur in the lower or upper 2 points of each category.
No Make-up tests are given. Solutions will be posted online as soon as possible.

Quizzes will be given in one of the following formats

  • In class on paper
  • Take-home on paper with a specific due date
  • On Blackboard submitted electronically during a specific time period
Homework problems will be assigned at the end of each class and reviewed at the beginning of the next class meeting. Reading the sections of the text related to the problems is part of the homework assignment.

Disability statement
If you are a student with a disability and you need academic accommodations, please see me and contact the Office of Disability Resources at 703.993.2474. All academic accommodations must be arranged through that office.

Honor Code
The University Honor Code is to be followed at all times. Sharing information of any kind about exams or quizzes is prohibited. This also applies to take-home quizzes. GMU Honor Code

Tutoring Center
The Math Tutoring Center is located in the Johnson Center Room 344. Help is available on a walk-in basis. For hours of operation see http://math.gmu.edu/tutorcenter.htm

General Remarks
Please be considerate of other students.
Please get to class on time. If you must arrive late or leave early sit in the back near the door to minimize the distraction.
Please turn off your cell phone before class.
My responsibility as the instructor of this course is to answer questions and organize the material in a logical manner to facilitate learning. Your job as the student is to attend every class, arrive on time and be attentive, meet deadlines and be responsible for your learning.


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