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Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers courses in pure and applied mathematics leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics. The PhD program trains mathematicians for further research, high-level teaching, and industrial employment. Students will develop a solid grounding in mathematics, be exposed to contemporary problems and applications, use computational tools where appropriate, and learn to collaborate with others.

The presence of an energetic mathematics doctoral program has many benefits to other doctoral programs in technical fields and is of great interest to local industry.  Many of our graduate Mathematics classes are offered in the evening (4:30PM or later).

General information on the program as proposed can be found on the links directly below this paragraph.  Students interested in getting more information may contact the graduate director at

Degree Requirements for PhD in Mathematics

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LaTeX Template for the Dissertation (Zip file, Corrected Version by Sean Lawton)

LaTeX Template for the Dissertation (Zip file, Original)

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