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Graduate Certificate in Actuarial Sciences

The department offers a Graduate Certificate in Actuarial Sciences. This 18-credit program can be completed in three semesters and prepares the student for Society of Actuaries Exams and Casuality Actuary Society Exams.

Degree Requirements for Certificate in Actuarial Sciences

Frequently Asked Questions about the Certificate in Actuarial Sciences


Actuarial Courses at GMU

  • Math 551: Regression and Time Series
  • Math 554: Financial Mathematics
  • Math 555: Actuarial Modeling I
  • Math 556: Actuarial Modeling II
  • Math 557: Financial Derivatives
  • Math 653: Actuarial Modeling III
  • Math 654: Construction and Evaluation of Actuarial Models
  • Math 655: Pension Valuation

Actuarial Society Exams and Corresponding GMU Courses

See the Be An Actuary website for details on actuarial exams.

ProbabilityP1Math 351, 352 + Study Notes
Applied Statistical Methods**Math 551
Financial MathematicsFM2Math 554
Actuarial Models: Financial EconomicsMFE3FMath 557
Actuarial Models: Life ContingenciesMLC3LMath 555, 556
Construction and Evaluation of Actuarial ModelsC4Math 653, 654

SOA: Society of Actuaries

CAS: Casualty Actuary Society

* No exam needed; passing course is sufficient, through Validation by Educational Experience (VEE).

US Treasury Enrolled Actuary Program and GMU Courses

BasicEA-1Math 554, 555, 556
PensionEA-2AMath 655