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Interacting with Ordinary Differential Equations [IODE]

Authors: Stephen Saperstone & Max Saperstone

(Published by The American Mathematical Society, 2020; ISBN 978-1-4704-6282-6)

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[From the AMS website] Interacting with Ordinary Differential Equations is a browser-based interactive digital textbook for the introductory differential equations course. The book takes advantage of the technology in two revolutionary ways. First the expository treatment is layered in a deliberate way. At the highest level the reader can follow the big picture laid out in clear and compelling prose. Upon rereading the reader can follow the imbedded Notelinks that open up to reveal details of calculations and proofs that support the main expository thread. The book also contains scores of Mathematica-based interactive modules. The reader can watch a movie illustrating concepts as they read, or in real time adjust parameters and initial conditions in the models under discussion. The course itself follows a standard modern curriculum with a strong emphasis on visualization. Differential equations are models of motion, now your textbook itself incorporates that motion. This is an exciting and innovative new vision for what a textbook can be in the internet age.

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