I have had the privilege to work individually with several bright students here at George Mason. If you're interested in doing an advanced independent study, senior thesis, or a Master's or Doctoral degree under my supervision, feel free to contact me. If you are a junior or a senior, you may be eligible for a paid apprenticeship.

Ph.D. Students

Brent Gorbutt, , currently pursuing a Ph.D. at George Mason University
David Johannsen, Ph.D., December, 2013.

Masters’ Students

Cindy Merrick, graduated June 2006. Thesis titled “A Survey of the Algebraic and Topological Characteristics of SU(n)”.

Earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics from George Mason University (2014). Currently working for the U.S. Government.

Tony Lee, currently pressing an M.S. at George Mason University

Independent Studies

Robert Allen (differential geometry 2002-2003) – received his PhD in 2009 from George Mason University; currently a professor at University of Wisconsin, La Crosse.
Ian Palmer (differential geometry 2002-2003). Earned s PhD in mathematics at Georgia Tech (2010).
Lars Aiken (differential geometry, algebraic topology 2002-2004, symplectic geometry 2006). Earned a PhD at George Mason University (2010).
Andrea Woo (toric varieties, 2008)
Milena Pabiniak (equivariant cohomology, 2006; toric varieties, 2008) – Earned a PhD at Cornell University (2012) . Currently a postdoc at Instituto Superior Técnico.
David Johannsen (equivariant cohomology, 2006; toric varieties, 2008) – Earned a Ph.D. at George Mason University (2013).
Trey Andreani (toric varieties, 2008) – currently pursuing a PhD at George Mason University
(Stopped keeping track)

Apprenticeships and Internships

Lars Aiken (summer research, 2003) -- combinatorics of Schubert calculus
Grace Harris (statistics and the media, 2005) -- internship with STATS.

Jenna Krall (statistics and the media, 2008) – internship with STATS. Currently pursuing a PhD in Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins University.
Jing Peng (statistics and the media, 2009-2010) - internship with STATS. MS in Statistics at George Mason University
Cindy Merrick (statistics and the media, 2010-2011) - internship with STATS.
Michael Adams (statistics and the media, Summer, 2011) - internship with STATS. BS in Mathematics at Bucknell University