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This website provides a resource for students who want to review or refresh Math Skills. Below you will find a list of courses and the skills that are required for success in the course. The list of courses will be updated on a regular basis.
We are suggesting the use of MathXL since it provides a comprehensive environment that will satisfy the remedial needs of university students. An extensive list of textbooks is available to the subscriber, making it is possible to use the program to prepare for more than one course. The program is priced at $82 for a 1 year subscription.
Purchase MathXL
There are two options available to subscribe to Math XL. You can purchase a Student Access Kit from the GMU bookstore or go to the website below to purchase your subscription online.
Getting Started
Instructions for registering are available on the webpage below:
*Important Note: In step 1 of the "Enrolling in your Course" instructions, you do not have a Course ID. Make sure to choose the second option -
"I am studying on my own, and need to choose a textbook". Once you have chosen that, another choice appears. Here, you can Browse a list of textbooks or enter the title of the textbook. The textbook will be suggested on your study plan.
Study Plan
In the table below, find your course(s). Click on the course study plan to open a printable checklist. Use this checklist as your guide to work through the required skills. The checklist provides the name of the textbook and the appropriate sections.
In MathXL, choose "Browse a List of all books", and use the drop-down menu to find the textbook indicated on your Study Plan. Start by viewing the section video, then work on the exercises. You can view sample problems, textbook sections and video instruction for each exercise listed. Complete as many exercises as you need before moving on to the next skill.
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Course Required Skills Study Plan
Printable checklist in PDF format
ASTR 103, 111-113
Introductory Astronomy
Rounding and Estimating
Ratio and Proportion
Geometry - Angles, Perimeter and Volume
Solving Linear Equations
Exponents and Scientific Notation
Exponential and Log Functions
Trigonometric Functions
Ellipse and Hyperbola
Astr 103, 111-113 Study Plan
BIOL 213
Cell Structure and Function
Place Values
Rounding and Estimating
Exponents and Scientific Notation
Solving Linear Equations
Bar Graphs and Line Graphs
Rectangular Coordinate System and Graphing
Metric System
Biol 213 Study Plan
BIOL 306
Biology of Microorganisms Lab
Exponents and Scientific Notation
Metric System
Ratio and Proportion
Rectangular Coordinate System and Graphing
Biol 306 Study Plan
General Chemistry Basic Math
Mass Molecules and Moles
Law of Multiple Proportions
Volumetric Analysis
Gas Densities
Gas Evolution from Solids
Dr. Schreifels' Chemistry Tutorial
CSI 720-721
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Line Integrals
Vector Fields
Path Independence
Green's Theorem
Surface Integrals
Stoke's Theorem
Divergence Theorem
First Order Differential Equations and Applications
Partial Differential Equations - Available through MIT Open Courseware
CSI 720-721 Study Plan
ECE 201
Introduction to Signal Analysis
Basic Algebra
Parametric Representation of a Function
Polynomial equations and Inequalities
Exponential Functions
Complex Numbers
Polar form and Exponential form of a Complex Number - Euler's Relations
Roots of Complex Equations
ECE 201-Study Plan
ECE 220
Signals and Systems I
Complex Numbers
Differentiation Techniques and Applications
Integration Techniques and Applications
Introduction to LaPlace Trasnforms
Introduction to Fourier Series and Transforms
ECE 220 - Study Plan
EOS 121
Dynamic Atmosphere and Hydrosphere
Ratio and Proportion
Metric And Customary Units
Geometry - Perimeter and Circumference, Area and Volume, Similar Triangles and Pythagorean Theorem
Solving Linear Equations
Using Formulas
Trigonometric Functions and Their Applications
EOS 121 Study Plan
Fundamentals of Engineering Exam - Mathematics Analytic geometry
Integral calculus
Matrix operations
Roots of equations
Vector analysis
Differential equations
Differential calculus
FE Mathematics -Study Plan
Fundamentals of Engineering Exam - Statistics Measures of central tendencies and dispersions
Discrete and Continuous Probability distributions
Conditional probabilities
Estimation for a single mean
Regression and curve fitting
Expected value
Hypothesis testing
FE Statistics - Study Plan
GEOL 315
Vertebrate Paleontology
Introductory Statistics
Displays of Data
Numerical Summaries of Data
GEOL 315 Study Plan
MATH 006
Basic Math Tutorial
Operations with Whole Numbers
Fractional Notation: Multiplication and Division
Fractional Notation and Mixed Numbers
Decimal Notation
Ratio and Proportion
Percent Notation
Area and Perimeter
The Real Number System
Algebra: Solving Equations and Problems
Math 006 Study Plan
Algebra Review Algebraic Expressions
Solving Equations and Inequalities
Rational Expressions and Equations
Graphing Linear Equations
Systems of Equations
Radical Expressions and Equations
Quadratic Equations
Algebra Review Study Plan
MATH 108
Calculus with Business Applications
Real Numbers
Rational Expressions
Rational Exponents
Radical Expressions
Linear Equations
Quadratic Equations
Function Operations and Composition
Math 108 Study Plan
MATH 113
Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
Rational Expressions
Rational Exponents
Radical Expressions
Linear Equations
Functions and their Graphs
Polynomial Functions
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Trigonometric Functions
Systems of Equations
Math 113 Study Plan
MATH 213
Analytic Geometry and Calculus III
Derivative Rules
Basic Integration
The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
Coordinates in Three-Space
Math 213 Study Plan
Undergraduate Nursing Program Rounding and Estimating
Decimal Notation
Ratio and Proportion
Percent Notation
Measurements - Metric Weight and Capacity
Introduction to Statistics
Undergraduate Nursing Program Study Plan
PHYS 160
University Physics
Scientific Notation
Linear Equations and Systems of equations
Quadratic Equations
Exponential and Natural Log Functions
Trigonometric Functions
The Derivative and Techniques of Differentiation
The Integral and Techniques of Integration
Phys 160 Study Plan
PHYS 243-245
College Physics
Measurements and Metric System
Scientific Notation
Ratio and Proportion
Exponents and Logarithms
Systems of Equations
Trigonometry of the Right Triangle
Quadratic Equations
Phys 243-245 Study Plan

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