Department of Mathematical Sciences
REU: Research experience for undergraduates

Summer 2009 REU

Final written reports (one per group):

  1. Coleen Ackerman (VA Tech), William Hardesty (UMBC)
    Mentors: Tom Wanner, Evelyn Sander
    "Nucleation and Spinodal Decomposition in Ternary-component Alloys": [pdf]

  2. Courtney Chancellor (Southern Methodist U.)
    Mentor: Padmanabhan Seshaiyer
    "Applying Numerical Methods to Fluid Structure Interactions in Biological Systems": [pdf]

  3. Charles Cook (Alma College)
    Mentor: Maria Emeliaenko
    "Numerical Study of a Quantum Memory Model": [pdf]

  4. Angela Dapolite (Clarkson University)
    Mentor: Maria Emelianenko
    "Ordinary Differential Equations in Green Oxidation Processes": [pdf]

  5. Kyle Pounder (St. Mary's College of CA)
    Mentor: Tim Sauer
    "Synchronization and Coherence of Dynamical Systems": Networks of Coupled Rossler Attractors [pdf]

  6. Andy Wilson (Washington U. St. Louis)
    Mentor: Domenico Napoletani
    "A Mathematical Approach for the Reconstruction of Neural Networks": [pdf]

  7. Syeda Zaidi (U. Maryland)
    Mentor: Padmanabhan Seshaiyer
    "A Computational Model for Batten Behavior in Micro Air Vehicles": [pdf]

  8. Kris Kappmeyer (K-12 teacher)
    Mentor: Padmanabhan Seshaiyer
    "Viscoelastic Modeling of Biological Tissue in an Idealized Cerebral Aneurysm": [doc]

Presentations at GMU (July 31, 2009)
Final presentation schedule: [doc]

Presentations at JMM, San Fransisco, CA Jan 2010:
1. Charles Cook: "Numerical Study of a Quantum Memory Model"
2. Coleen Ackerman, William Hardesty: "Nucleation and Spinodal Decomposition in Ternary-Component Alloys"

Kyle Pounder is honored with a medal at the Sigma Xi conference in Houston, TX for his work: "Synchronization and Coherence of Dynamical Systems: Networks of Coupled Rossler Attractors".

Honors thesis completion:
March 3, 2010 - Angela Dapolite defended her Honors thesis at Clarkson University based on her Summer project started at GMU.

Trips and other extracurricular activities:
Hiking - Old Rag, Stric Knob, Great Falls
Tours - DC Mall, Smithsonian, NIH, Mount Vernon, Six Flags Amusement Park