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Applied and Computational Math Seminar

The Appled and Computational Mathematics seminar combines lectures by our faculty, students and visitors from other departments of George Mason University and other institutions. This series serves the purpose of fostering research collaborations and keeping us informed of the recent advances in the field. Questions and suggestions on possible contributions should be addressed to Dan Anderson, Harbir Antil, or Igor Griva.

Everyone is Welcome to Attend!

Talks occur weekly on Fridays, 1:30pm - 2:30pm in Exploratory Hall, Room 4106, unless noted otherwise.


DateNameAffiliation Title
Friday, January 24 Jonathan Jaquette Brandeis University Rigorous numerics for nonlinear heat equations in the complex plane of time
Friday, January 31 Mahdi Hashemi George Mason University Machine learning for smart cities
Friday, February 7 Traian Iliescu Virginia Tech Data-Driven Variational Multiscale Reduced Order Models
Friday, February 14 Ratna Khatri George Mason University Role of Nonlocal operators in Inverse Problems and Deep Learning
Friday, February 21 Noel Walkington Carnegie Mellon University Numerical Approximation of Parabolic SPDE's
Friday, February 28 Oleksandr Misiats VCU Patterns around us: a calculus of variations prospective
Friday, March 6 Weiwei Hu University of Georgia Boundary control of optimal mixing via flow advection
Friday, March 20
Friday, March 27
Thursday/Friday, April 2/3 East Coast Optimization Meeting (ECOM) 2020 - POSTPONED
Friday, April 10 Akwum Onwunta University of Maryland TBA
Friday, April 17
Friday, April 24 Pablo Stinga Iowa State University TBA

FALL 2019
DateNameAffiliation Title
Friday, September 6 Jose Francisco Rodrigues Universidade de Lisboa Nonlocal evolution transport densities
Friday, September 13 Carlos Rautenberg George Mason University Spatially Distributed Parameters in Image Processing: From Total Variation to Fractional Models
Friday, September 20 No Seminar Today
Thursday, September 26 - SEMINAR CANCELLED
Friday, October 4 Armin Schikorra University of Pittsburgh Self-repulsive curvature energies for curves and surfaces: regularity theory and relation to harmonic maps
Friday, October 11 Lauren Childs Virginia Tech Modeling malaria development in mosquitoes: How fast can mosquitoes pass on infection?
Friday, October 18 David Marchette Naval Surface Warfare Center Spectral Graph Embedding for Clustering
Thursday, October 24 (Special Joint CDS, Math, and Physics Seminar, Exploratory Hall 3301, 1:00-2:30pm) Mason Porter UCLA Dept. of Mathematics Topological Data Analysis of Spatial Complex Systems
Friday, October 25 Yuliya Gorb University of Houston and National Science Foundation Asymptotic Analysis of Singularities in Media with Inhomogeneities
Friday, November 1 Ryan Evans National Institute of Standards and Technology Transport Phenomena in Field Effect Transistors
Friday, November 8 Matt Holzer George Mason University Stability and Dynamics of Invasion Fronts in Spatially Extended Systems
Friday, November 15 SIAM Faculty Symposium
Friday, November 22 Bedrich Sousedik UMBC Spectral stochastic finite elements for two nonlinear problems
Friday, December 6 Elena Queirolo Rutgers University Bifurcations in ODEs and a PDE

DateNameAffiliation Title
Thursday, May 30 (Special Time: 10am-11am; Location, Exploratory Hall: 4106) Andrea N. Ceretani Universidad Nacional de San Martin, Argentina Heat conducting fluids in domains with open boundaries.
Wednesday, June 5 (Special Time: 10am-11am; Location, Exploratory Hall: 4106) Tianyi Shi Cornell University Numerical tensor-train ranks and tensor displacement structure
Wednesday, June 19 (Special Time: 10am-11am; Location, Exploratory Hall: 4106) Soeren Bartels Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg Approximating gradient flow evolutions of self-avoiding inextensible curves and elastic knots

DateNameAffiliation Title
Jan. 25
Feb. 1 Yoshitaka Saiki Hitotsubashi University Machine-learning construction of a model for a macroscopic fluid variable using the delay-coordinate of a scalar observable
Feb. 8
Feb. 15 Bjorn Sandstede Brown University Geometry and analysis of localized structures
Feb. 22
Mar. 1
Mar. 8 Animesh Biswas Iowa State University Fractional Powers of Parabolic Operators and Master Equation
Mar. 15 Spring Break (No Seminar)
Mar. 22 Serkan Gugercin Virginia Tech Model reduction: A systems-theoretic perspective
Mar. 29
April 5 East Coast Optimization Meeting
April 12 Heyrim Cho University of Maryland Mathematical model of Hematopoietic cell differentiation from single-cell gene sequencing data
April 19 Wujun Zhang Rutgers University A rate of convergence of numerical optimal transport problem with quadratic cost
April 26
May 3

FALL 2018
DateNameAffiliation Title
Aug. 31 Lise-Marie Imbert-Gerard University of Maryland Wave propagation in inhomogeneous media: An introduction to Generalized Plane Waves
Sept. 7 Ana Maria Soane United States Naval Academy Computational analysis of problems on domains with small holes
Sept. 14
Sept. 21 Andrei Draganescu UMBC Multigrid preconditioning for PDE-Constrained optimization: two new applications
Sept. 28 Mahamadi Warma University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Controllability of space-time fractional diffusive and super-diffusive equations
Oct. 5
Oct. 12 GMU/SIAM Faculty Symposium
Oct. 19 Jie Xu George Mason University Efficient Stochastic Simulation Optimization Algorithms and Their Applications
Oct. 26
Nov. 2 Gopal Srinivasan IIT Bombay, India The gamma function - an eclectic tour
Nov. 9 Sui Tang Johns Hopkins University Learning interaction laws in high dimensional agent-based dynamics from observations
Nov. 16 Harbir Antil George Mason University Fractional PDEs: control, applications, and beyond
Nov. 30 Tonatiuh Sanchez-Vizuet NYU An adaptive HDG solver for Dirichlet boundary value problems in curved domains: an application to plasma equilibrium
Dec. 7

DateNameAffiliation Title
Jan. 26 Dimitris Ntogkas Univeristy of Maryland, College Park Non-Conforming FEM for Large Bending Deformations with Isometry Constraint
Feb. 2 Harbir Antil George Mason University Controlling the Magnetic Force: Basic Strategies and Applications to Magnetic Drug Targeting
Feb. 9 Patrick O'Neil Lead Data Scientist, Spaceflight Industries Analyzing the Microstructure of Flexible Sandstone using Topological Data Analysis
Feb. 16 Francisco J. Sayas University of Delaware Waves in viscoelastic media
Feb. 23 Johannes Pfefferer Technical University Munich, Germany Error estimates for normal derivatives on boundary concentrated meshes
Mar. 2 Shuddho Das NYU Koopman spectra in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces
Mar. 9
Mar. 23
Mar. 30 Mahamadi Warma University of Puerto Rico Elliptic problems associated with the fractional Laplace operator
Apr. 6 Paul Patrone NIST The power of similarity solutions and scaling methods: measuring microfluidic flow-rates we can't even model
Apr. 13 Juan Pablo Borthagaray University of Maryland, College Park Finite elements for fractional diffusion: towards nonlinear problems
Apr. 20
Apr. 27 (Joint CAGS and Applied Math Seminars, 12:30-1:30pm) Stephan Wojtowytsch Carnegie Mellon University Diffuse Interfaces and Topology: A Phase-Field Model for Willmore's Energy
Apr. 27 (Joint CAGS and Applied Math Seminars, 1:30-2:30pm) Yang Kuang Arizona State University Mathematical Models of Prostate Cancer Patients Undergoing Intermittent Androgen Deprivation Therapy

FALL 2017
DateNameAffiliation Title
Sept. 1 Arun Moorthy National Institute of Standards and Technology Exploring questions in life science using mathematics - a collection of problems and solutions
Sept. 8 (In Cooperation with AWM and SIAM GMU chapters) Ratna Khatri, Lucas Bouck and Marilyn Vazquez George Mason University SIAM/AWM Student talks
Sept. 15 Mahamadi Warma University of Puerto Rico Analysis of the null controllability of space-time fractional diffusion equations
Sept. 22 Carlos Rautenberg Humboldt University, Berlin Optimal Parameter Selection for a Weighted Total Variation Model in Image Reconstruction
Sept. 29 Mahmoud Lababidi DigitalGlobe Convolution Networks for Object detection in Satellite Imagery
Oct. 6
Oct. 13
Oct. 20 SIAM Faculty Symposium (12:30-2:30pm)
Oct. 27 Christian Glusa Sandia National Labs Adaptive FEM for the fractional Laplacian: a priori and a posteriori error estimates, efficient implementation and multigrid solver
Nov. 3
Nov. 10 John Harlim Penn State University Estimating parameters of Ito diffusion using the fluctuation dissipation theory response statistics
Nov. 17 Dmitriy Leykekhman University of Connecticut Best approximation of the Galerkin solution for elliptic and parabolic problems in L-infinity.
Dec. 1 Claudio Torres Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria A brief overview of a 2D coupled grain growth model and a 3D implicit-transition method for grain growth.

DateNameAffiliation Title
Jan. 27
Feb. 3 John P. Nolan American University Probabilistic and numerical aspects of stable distributions
Feb. 10
Feb. 17
Feb. 24
March 3
March 10
March 24
March 31 GMU AWM Event
April 7 Bourama Toni Virginia State University Nash Limit Cycles in the dynamics of America socio-cultural evolution: A game - theoretical approach
April 14 Jason Hindes Naval Research Lab Pattern Formation and Fluctuations in Complex Networks
April 21 Konstantin Mischaikow Rutgers University A Combinatorial Algebraic Topological Approach to Nonlinear Dynamics
April 28 Harbir Antil George Mason University Fractional Operators with Inhomogeneous Boundary Conditions: Analysis, Control, and Discretization
THURSDAY, May 4, 1pm-2pm, Exploratory Hall Room 3301 (NOTE SPECIAL DATE, TIME and ROOM) Scott Field University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth Fast recovery of far-field time-domain signals from near-field data

FALL 2016
DateNameAffiliation Title
Aug. 23 (TUESDAY!) Johannes Pfefferer Technical University Munich Finite element error estimates for Dirichlet boundary control problems in polygonal domains
Sept. 2 Pablo Stinga Iowa State University Extension problem for fractional powers of parabolic operators and applications
Sept. 9
Sept. 16 Muruhan Rathinam UMBC Convergence, stability and robustness of multidimensional opinion dynamics in continuous time
Sept. 23 Xiaofeng Ren George Washington University The spectrum of the torus profile to a geometric variational problem with long range interaction
Sept. 30
Oct. 7 Ryan Evans NIST Measuring Reaction Rate Constants With Optical Biosensors
Oct. 14
Oct. 21 Mahamadi Warma University of Puerto Rico What are the Three Classical Boundary Conditions for the Fractional Laplace Operator?
Oct. 28
Nov. 4 SIAM Student Chapter Event
Nov. 11
Nov. 18 Dominick Gallo University of Trier Optimal control of fractional PDEs
Dec. 2 Jacek Cyranka Rutgers University Computer proof of heteroclinic connection in one-dimensional Ohta Kawasaki diblock copolymer model
Dec. 9


DateNameAffiliation Title
Jan. 29
Feb. 5
Feb. 12 John Shebalin NASA/GMU Large-Scale Coherent Structure in Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence
Feb. 19 Pablo Venegas University of Maryland Optimal Control of Magnetic Nanoparticles
Feb. 26
Mar. 4
Mar. 11 (spring break) 1:30pm-2:20pm Kaushik Dayal Carnegie Mellon University Multiscale Atomistics for Defects in Electronic Materials
Mar. 11 (spring break) 2:30pm-3:20pm Carlos Rautenberg Humboldt University, Berlin A Robust Approach to Optimal Sensor Placement
Mar. 14 (MONDAY, special date and time 11:00am-12:00) Kelly Mcquighan Boston University Towards Metastability in the Burgers Equation with Periodic Boundary Conditions
Mar. 25 Longfei Li RPI A stable partitioned FSI algorithm for incompressible flow and deforming beams
April 1
April 8 Scott McCalla Montana State University Modeling crime and gangs
April 15 Javed Siddique Penn State, York Mathematical Modeling of Tear film dynamics
April 22 Kevin Hall NIH The calculus of calories: quantitative physiology of human metabolism and body weight dynamics
April 29

FALL 2015
DateNameAffiliation Title
Sept. 4
Sept. 11 Harbir Antil GMU Finite Horizon Model Predictive Control of Electrowetting on Dielectric with Pinning
Sept. 18 Howard Elman Univeristy of Maryland Reduced Basis Collocation Methods for Partial Differential Equations with Random Coefficients
Sept. 25 David Shirokoff NJIT Convex relaxations in material science and approximate global minimizers
Oct. 2
Oct. 9 Ivan Egorov GMU An Approach to Deterministic Optimal Control Synthesis Based on the Generalized Method of Characteristics
Oct. 16 Kevin Hall NIH The calculus of calories: quantitative physiology of human metabolism and body weight dynamics
Oct. 23 Drew Kouri Sandia National Laboratory A Data-Driven Approach to PDE-Constrained Optimization under Uncertainty
Oct. 30 Thomas Seidman UMBC The dynamics of Cosserat rods with soft lateral contact
Nov. 6 Mahamadi Warma University of Puerto Rico Some Recent Progress on the Controllability of Fractional Super Diffusion Equations
Nov. 13 Andrew Barker LLNL Algebraic multigrid for the de Rham complex
Nov. 20 Johannes Pfefferer GMU Finite element error estimates for semilinear elliptic Neumann boundary control problems in polygonal domains
Dec. 4 Helen Li Brown Univerisity Blended atomistic-to-continuum hybrid methods for modeling crystalline materials
Dec. 11 Suddhasattwa Das University of Maryland A Low Dimensional Paradigm for High Dimensional Chaos

DateNameAffiliation Title
Jan. 30 Junping Wang National Science Foundation Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods for PDEs
Feb. 6 Richard Otis Penn State University Global energy minimization of multi-component phases with internal degrees of freedom
Feb. 13
Feb. 20 Anton Gagin NIST Accounting for Unknown Systematic Errors in Crystal Structure Refinements: A Bayesian Statistics Approach
Feb. 27 Tyrus Berry GMU/Penn State Data-driven forecasting without a model and with a partially known model
Mar. 6 David Shirokoff NJIT A simple, efficient and accurate method for computing the order-disorder phase transition in double well energy functionals
Mar. 20 - NOTE SPECIAL TIME 10:30am-11:30am Paul Carter Brown University Pulses with oscillatory tails in the FitzHugh-Nagumo system
Apr. 3 Denis Ridzal Sandia National Laboratory Optimization-based models and algorithms for the feature-preserving solution of transport equations
Apr. 10 William Kalies Florida Atlantic University Lattice Structures in Dynamics
Apr. 17 Michael Mascagni Florida State University/NIST Monte Carlo Methods and Partial Differential Equations: Algorithms and Implications for High-Performance Computing
Apr. 24 Ronald Hoppe University of Houston/University of Augsburg Equilibrated A Posteriori Error Estimators for Interior Penalty Discontinuous Galerkin Approximations of Second and Fourth Order Elliptic Problems
May. 1 DEPARTMENTAL LUNCHEON -- no seminar

FALL 2014
DateNameAffiliation Title
Aug. 29 Francisco Javier Sayas University of Delaware Transient transmission problems with integral methods
Sept. 5 Michael Nielan Pittsburgh Finite element methods for elliptic problems in non--divergence form
Sept. 12 Thomas Surowiec Humboldt University of Berlin Solving optimal control problems governed by variational inequalities of the first and second kind via non-smooth analysis and bundle-free implicit programming approaches
Sept. 19 Yanxiang Zhao George Washington University Periodic migration in a physical model of cells on micropatterns
Sept. 26
Oct. 3 SIAM Graduate Symposium - No Seminar this week
Oct. 10
Oct. 17 Patrick Shipman Colorado State Self-Assembled Nanoscale Patterns Produced by Ion Bombardment of Binary Compounds
Oct. 24
Oct. 31
Nov. 7 Ignacio Tomas University of Maryland PDE models for Ferrofluids and their Numerical Analysis
Nov. 14 Zichao Di Argonne National Laboratory Optimization Approach for Tomographic Inversion from Multiple Data Modalities
Nov. 21 John Gemmer Brown University Isometric Immersions and Pattern Formation in Thin Elastic Sheets
Dec. 5 Konstantin Mischaikow Rutgers University A combinatorial approach to dynamics applied to switching networks

DateNameAffiliation Title
Jan. 24 TBA
Jan. 31 Enrique Otarola University of Maryland A PDE Approach to Numerical Fractional Diffusion
Feb. 7 TBA
Feb. 14 TBA
Feb. 21 Hector Corrada Bravo University of Maryland Cell-specific methylation pattern reconstruction using minimum cost network flow algorithms
Feb. 28 TBA
Mar. 7 TBA
Mar. 14 Spring Break - No seminar
Mar. 21 TBA
Mar. 28 Jeff Snider/Diego Torrejon George Mason University Graduate Student Web Event
Apr. 4 Ricardo Nochetto University of Maryland Discrete Geometric Gradient Flows
Apr. 11 Gunay Dogan NIST Shape Optimization for Image Analysis
Apr. 18 TBA
Apr. 25 Kevin Carlberg Sandia Reduced-order modeling in uncertainty quantification: modeling and controlling error
May 2 (Special Time: 11am-12pm) Sean Colbert-Kelly NIST A Generalized Ginzburg-Landau model in a Planar Geometry

FALL 2013
DateNameAffiliation Title
Sept. 6 Dan Cranston Virginia Commonwealth University Boundedness of Solutions to Reciprocal Max-Type Difference Equations
Sept. 13 TBA
Sept. 20 Lois Curfman McInnes Argonne National Laboratory Hierarchical Krylov Methods and Nested Krylov Methods for Extreme-Scale Computing
Sept. 27 TBA
Oct. 4 Graduate Student SIAM Event
Oct. 11 TBA
WEDNESDAY, Oct. 16 (Exploratory Hall, Room 3301, 1:30-2:30pm) Danny Sorensen Rice University Discrete Emprirical Interpolation for Nonlinear Model Reduction
Oct. 18 Muruhan Rathinam UMBC Moment Growth Bounds on Markov Processes on Non-negative Integer Lattices
Oct. 25 Shawn Walker LSU A New Mixed Formulation For a Sharp Interface Model of Stokes Flow and Moving Contact Lines
Nov. 1 Saurabh Jain Johns Hopkins University Optimal Control Problems in Computational Anatomy
Nov. 8 Jay Mireles James Rutgers University Computer assisted proof of connecting orbits in dynamical systems by the projected boundary approach
Nov. 15 TBA
Nov. 22 Claire Monteleoni George Washington University Climate Informatics: Recent Advances and Challenge Problems for Machine Learning in Climate Science
Nov. 29 Thanksgiving Break - No seminar
Dec. 6 Andreas Meister University of Kassel Flow Fields at all Speeds: Analysis, Numerics and Simulation

DateNameAffiliation Title
Jan. 25 Title
Feb. 1 Brenton LeMesurier College of Charleston Airy-like pulses in models of large molecular chains, and conservative numerical methods for quasi-linear Hamiltonian systems
Feb. 8 Scott Field Department of Physics, University of Maryland A Generalized Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme for Accurate Modeling of Binary Black Holes
Feb. 15 Wujun Zhang University of Maryland Convergence and quasi optimality of adaptive hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin methods
Feb. 22 Bill Rand University of Maryland Trust and Influence in Social Media
Mar. 1 Sivan Leviyang Georgetown University Big Data and HIV Modeling
Mar. 8 Claudio Torres George Mason University Modeling materials coarsening: insights from a vertex code
Mar. 15 Spring Break - No seminar
Mar. 22 TBA
Mar. 29 Hantaek Bae University of California, Davis Regularity and decay estimates of dissipative equations
Apr. 5 Greg Byrne George Mason University Differential Dynamical Systems: Biofluids and Chaos in Higher Dimensions
Apr. 12 Tanushree Luke George Mason University Exact Collective Dynamics for a Heterogeneous Network of Theta Neurons
Apr. 19 Jean-Philippe Lessard Universite Laval Computation of solutions of nonlinear differential equations using Chebyshev series and rigorous numerics
Apr. 26 Wilfrid Gangbo Georgia Institute of Technology A variational problem involving a polyconvex integrand
May 3 Jeff Snider George Mason University Thermodynamic equilibrium phase diagram calculation

FALL 2012
DateNameAffiliation Title
Aug. 31 No Seminar This Week
Sep. 7 Abner Salgado University of MarylandFEM for TV Flow without Regularization
Sep. 14 Inga Maslova American UniversityWavelet Transform Boundary Conditions for Improved Forecasting Model
Sep. 17 (Monday) [in The Hub (formerly SUBII), Meeting Room 5] Steven Wise University of TennesseeA Mixed Discontinuous Galerkin, Convex Splitting Scheme for a Modified Cahn-Hilliard Equation
Sep. 21 Maria Cameron University of MarylandComputing Transition Paths in Stochastic Systems
Sep. 28 Gary FriedmanDrexel UniversityOn multi-stability and its evolution in biological networks and cells
Oct. 5 Asha Nurse National Institute of Standards and TechnologyBubble motion and size variation during thermal migration with phase change
Oct. 12 Huzefa Rangwala George Mason UniversityAn integrated machine learning framework for analyzing protein-ligand interaction data
Oct. 19 Victor Yakovenko University of MarylandStatistical Mechanics of Money, Income, Debt, and Energy Consumption
Oct. 26 Kara Maki Rochester Institute of Technology Settling Dynamics of the Contact Lens
Nov. 2 Amarda ShehuGeorge Mason UniversityOf Protein Structures and Motions: Probabilistic Search and Optimization
Nov. 9 Sebastien Motsch University of Maryland Mathematical modeling of self-organized dynamics
Nov. 12 (Monday) [in Johnson Center, Room A] Karen Wilcox Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyModel reduction for systems with high-dimensional parameter spaces
Nov. 16 Maria Gualdani George Washington University Factorization of non-symmetric operators and exponential h-theorem
Nov. 23Thanksgiving Break - No seminar
Nov. 30 TBA
Dec. 7 Quan Deng University of Delaware Tear film dynamics in a moving domain

DateNameAffiliation Title
Jan. 27 TBA
Feb. 3 TBA
Feb. 10 TBA
Feb. 17 TBA
Feb. 24 J. Barkley Rosser James Madison UniversityComplex Ecologic-Economic Dynamics (SPECIAL ROOM: Science and Tech 1, Room 206)
Mar. 2 Michael Minion University of North Carolina Temporal Parallelization for Partial Differential Equations
Mar. 9 Marian Mrozek Jagiellonian UniversityTowards the understanding of the homological persistence of maps
Mar. 16 Spring Break - No seminar
Mar. 23 TBA
Mar. 30 Matthew Hendrey George Mason University Modeling the U.S. Housing Bubble (SPECIAL ROOM: Science and Tech 1, Room 206)
Apr. 3 Andy Dorsett Wolfram Research Mathematica 8 in Education and Research (Special Time and Room: 12:30-1:45, Research 1, Room 163)
Apr. 6 Andrew Corrigan Naval Research Lab A hybrid-grid compressible flow solver for large-scale supersonic jet noise simulations on multi-GPU clusters
Apr. 13 Harbir Lamba George Mason UniversityFar-from-Equilibrium Dynamics in Economic and Financial Systems
Apr. 20 Michael Gratton Metron, Inc. Modeling Foams
May 4 Victoria Booth University of Michigan Dynamics of sleep-wake regulation (SPECIAL ROOM AND TIME: 11am in Science and Tech 1, Room 206

FALL 2011
DateNameAffiliation Title
Sept. 9Hans KaperGeorgetown University and Argonne National LabMathematics and Climate: A New Partnership
Sept. 16
Sept. 23Carson ChowNational Institutes of HealthThe dynamics of obesity
Sept. 30Andrei DraganescuUMBCMultigrid preconditioners for linear systems arising in PDE optimization
Oct. 7Zach TrauttGeorge Mason UniversityGrain Boundary Properties From Atomistic Simulations
Oct. 14Sivan LeviyangGeorgetown UniversityStochastic Models of HIV Infection
Oct. 21Nick GeweckeUniversity of DelawareDynamics of Mushy Layers
Oct. 28Ira SchwartzNRLThe Dynamical Geometry of Epidemic Extinction
Nov. 4 SIAM Faculty Research SymposiumGeorge Mason UniversitySIAM Student Chapter Event (SPECIAL TIME)
Nov. 11John Mallet-ParetBrown UniversityRecent Progress in Delay-Differential Equations
Nov. 18Burt TilleyWPIThermocapillary Control of Thin Fluid Sheets
Svetlana RoudenkoGeorge Washington UniversityTBA (SPECIAL TIME: 3:30 Joint with Math Colloquium)
Nov. 25Thanksgiving Break - No seminar
Dec. 2Annalisa CaliniCollege of Charleston/National Science FoundationIntegrable dynamics of closed vortex filaments: finite-gap solutions and their linear stability
Dec. 9Juan SabucoUniversidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, SpainPartial Control of Chaotic Systems

DateNameAffiliation Title
Jan. 20 (THURSDAY 1PM)Eliot FriedMcGill UniversityWrinkling of a stretched thin sheet
Jan. 28David RichesonDickinson CollegeObtaining entropy bounds for nonhyperbolic dynamical systems via symbolic dynamics
Feb. 4Konstantina TrivisaMathematics
University of Maryland
On the Mathematical Analysis of Fluid Mixtures
Feb. 11G. Scott CochranGeorge Mason UniversityHomology Computations of Nodal Domains - Error Estimates, Validation, and Applications
Feb. 18Robert AxtellGeorge Mason UniversitySome Open Mathematical Problems in Computational Social Science
Feb. 25Konstantin MischaikowRutgers UniversityComputing Homology via Preprocessing by Morse Coreduction
Mar. 4Markus HilpertJohns Hopkins UniversityIncorporation of Dynamic Contact Angle into Models for Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media
Mar. 11Andrew SamuelsonGeorge Mason UniversityMathematical Modeling and Analysis for Fluid-Structure Interaction Applications to Aneurysms
Mar. 18Spring Break - No seminar
Mar. 25Bonita SaundersNISTNumerical Grid Generation Applied to Interactive Complex Function Visualization in the NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
Apr. 1William OttUniversity of HoustonSearching for SRB measures
Apr. 8Jonathan BellUMBCCable Theory on Graphs: A Synopsis of Some Forward and Inverse Problems
Apr. 15 (SPECIAL TIME: 3:30PM)Andrew BernoffHarvey Mudd CollegeLangmuir Layers: Exploring a (nearly) Two-dimensional Fluid Experiment (Joint with Math Colloquium)
Apr. 22David SaylorFDAPredicting Microstructure Evolution in Drug Eluting Coatings
Apr. 29Nathalia PeixotoGeorge Mason UniversityBrain in a cup: attempts at deciphering the meaning of spikes

FALL 2010
DateNameAffiliation Title
Sep. 3No seminar
Sep. 10Chi-Kwong LiMathematics
College of William and Mary
Quantum Computing and Matrix Analysis
Sep. 17Tyrus BerryMathematical Sciences
George Mason University
Convergence of periodically-forced rank-type equations
Sep. 24Qi WangMathematics and Nano-Center
U. South Carolina
Kinetic models for complex fluid systems: modeling and simulations
Oct. 1Evelyn SanderMathematical Sciences
George Mason University
The Dynamics of Nucleation in Stochastic Cahn-Morral Systems
Oct. 8Paul SoPhysics and Krasnow Institute
George Mason University
The emergence of macroscopic chaos and crisis in a network of globally coupled phase oscillators
Oct. 15Lou PecoraNaval Research LabRegularization of Tunneling Rates in Two-dimensional Systems with Quantum Chaos
Oct. 22Daniel WheelerNISTPhase Field Modeling of Dissolutive Wetting
Oct. 29Zafer BoybeyiDepartment of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences
George Mason University
Global to Local Scale Atmospheric Modeling Using Solution Adaptive Modeling Technique
Nov. 5Chad TopazMathematics
Macalester College
Biological aggregation patterns and social interactions
Nov. 12Rich McLaughlinMathematics
Passive scalar advection in parallel shear flows: WKBJ mode sorting on intermediate times and the evolution of skewness
Nov. 19Susan MinkoffMathematics
Sniffing for Leakage: Trace Gas Sensors and Carbon Sequestration
Nov. 26No seminar, Thanksgiving break
Dec. 3John SpougeNIHMarkov renewal-success processes with a time lag


Jan. 22 No seminar
Jan. 29 No seminar, Vic Reiner's visit
Feb. 5 Zach TrauttPhysics
CANCELLED (to be rescheduled) Intrinsic Grain Boundary Properties From Equilibrium Atomistic Simulations
Feb. 12 John SpougeNIH, Nat. Center of
Biotechnology Information
CANCELLED (to be rescheduled) A Rigorous Statistical Theory for Detecting Repeats In Biological Sequences
Feb. 19 James BensonNISTMathematical Modeling in Cryobiology
Feb. 26 Bart OldemanConcordia UniversityNumerical continuation of orbit segments with application to the three body problem and a biological model
Mar. 5Dongbin XiuMathematics
Purdue University
Uncertainty Analysis for Complex Systems: Algorithms and Data
Mar. 12 No seminar, Spring break
Mar. 19 Diana ThomasMathematics
Montclair State University
The Problem of Adherence to Diets - A Mathematical Perspective
Mar. 26 Kathleen HoffmanMathematics
Modeling Lamprey Locomotion Central Pattern Generator (CPG)
Apr. 2 John SpougeNIH, Nat. Center of
Biotechnology Information
A Rigorous Statistical Theory for Detecting Repeats In Biological Sequences
Apr. 9 Weining KangMathematics
Performance Analysis of Many-server Queues with Reneging
Apr. 16 Tanya Kostova VassilevskaNSFGenotype Dominance in the Molecular Quasispecies Model
Apr. 23 Songqing ChenComputer Science
Towards Mobile Internet Accesses
Apr. 30 Snezhana AbarzhiU. Chicago12:30pmThe effect of heterogeneities and noise on pattern formation and chaos development

FALL 2009
Sep. 11No seminar
Sep. 18Igor GrivaMathematics & CDS
George Mason University
Convergence properties of primal-dual interior- and exterior-point methods for nonlinear constrained optimization.
Sep. 25Andrew CorriganCDS
George Mason University
Meshless methods using adaptive and symmetric kernels
Oct. 2Murahan RathinamMathematics
Modeling trader behavior and its effect on stock price dynamics
Oct. 9Jonathan GuyerNISTFiPy: An Open Source Finite Volume PDE Solver implemented in Python
Oct. 16Simone BiancoMathematics
College of William and Mary
Epidemics with multistrain interactions: cross immunity and antibody-dependent enhancement
Oct. 23Dongbin XiuMathematics
Purdue University
Oct. 30Pak-Wing FokMathematics
University of Delaware
Reconstruction of bond potentials from multiple rupturing time data
Nov. 6Junping WangNSFA maximum value principle for finite element approximations
Nov. 13Valerie CoffmanNISTOOF: An Image-Based Finite Element Solver for Materials Science
Nov. 20Jean-Philippe LessardRutgers University and IASA priori estimates and validated continuation for equilibria of high dimensional PDEs
Nov. 27No seminar, Thanksgiving break
Dec. 4Aaron LottNISTFast Solvers for Models of Fluid Flow with Spectral Elements
Dec. 11No seminar


Jan. 23Joyce LinMathematics
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
A Falling Sphere Through Strongly Stratified Fluid at Low Reyolds Number
Jan. 30Diane O'LearyMathematics
University of Maryland
Validating Approximate Solutions to Ill-Posed Problems
Feb. 6Janusz WojtusiakMachine Learning and Inference Laboratory
George Mason University
Selected Aspects of the Learnable Evolution Model
Feb. 13Hans EnglerMathematics
Georgetown University
On second order differential equations with asymptotically small dissipation
Feb. 20Brian HuntMathematics
University of Maryland
Determining the initial conditions for a weather forecast
Feb. 27Andy BernoffHarvey Mudd College(CANCELLED)Domain Evolution and Relaxation in Langmuir Films
Mar. 6Hans KaperArgonne National LabReduction Methods for Systems of Differential Equations
Mar. 13No seminar, Spring break
Mar. 20John PeleskoMathematics
University of Delaware
Soap Films in Electric Fields
Mar. 27No seminar, Rainald Lohner's symposium on Comp. Mechanics
Apr. 3Qiang DuMathematics
Pennsylvania State University
Diffuse interface modeling of some interface problems involving elastic energy contributions
Apr. 10Dionisios MargetisMathematics
University of Maryland
Kinetic Aspects of Crystal Surface Evolution: Modeling and Analysis
Apr. 17Peter BatesMathematics
Michigan State University
The motion of particles driven by Allen-Cahn dynamics on the boundary of a smooth domain
Apr. 24Ashwin VaidyaMathematics
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill
A Mathematical Theory of Fluid-Solid Interaction with Application to Particle Sedimentation
May 1No seminar, End-of-the-semester luncheon

FALL 2008

Sep. 5Semester kick-off luncheon, no seminar
Sep. 12Robert AllenMathematics
George Mason University
Turing Instabilities in Reaction-Diffusion Equations
Sep. 19Stanislaus Maier-PaapeRWTH
Aachen, Germany
Computer assisted proofs of heteroclinic connections
Sep. 26James WarrenNIST Phase field modeling of wetting, nucleation and more
Oct. 3Gabriel PrajituraMathematics
College of Brockport, SUNY
Linear chaos
Oct. 10Dmitry GolovatyMathematics
University of Akron
A Ginzburg-Landau-type model of carbon nanotubes
Oct. 17Howard ShengComputational Sciences
George Mason University
Computational approaches toward the structure and formation of metallic glasses
Oct. 24David LevermoreMathematics
University of Maryland
Dispersive Corrections to the Compressible Navier-Stokes System
Oct. 31Frank BaginskiMathematics
George Washington University
Structural Analysis of Thin Compliant Pneumatic Envelopes
Nov. 7Jim YorkeMathematics
University of Maryland
Period-doubling Cascades galore - explaining a phenomenon we see in dynamical systems
Nov. 14Ed ScheinermanApplied Mathematics & Statistics
Johns Hopkins University
Random Threshold Graphs
Nov. 21Björn SandstedeApplied Mathematics
Brown University
Localized patterns in the Swift-Hohenberg equation
Nov. 28No seminar, Thanksgiving break
Dec. 5Harbir LambaMathematics
George Mason University
Modeling Imperfect Financial Markets


Jan. 25Rainald Löhner Comp. Fluid Dynamics
George Mason University
Adaptive Unstructured Embedded/Immersed Methods
Feb. 1Edward W. SwimMathematics
US Military Academy
Nonlinear fluid-structure interaction models for biologically inspired elastic membrane wings
Feb. 8Drew LaMarApplied Sciences
College of William and Mary
Periodic Orbit Continuation in Multiple Time Scale Systems
Feb. 15Edwin FullerNISTMesoscale Computer Simulations: from exploding ceramics to tumor ablation
Feb. 22Xiaofeng RenMathematics
George Washington University
Droplet solutions of a 2D free boundary problem from diblock copolymer morphology
Feb. 29Yekaterina EpshteynMathematics
Carnegie Mellon University
New Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for the Chemotaxis Model and Closely Related Biomedical Problems
Mar. 7Tianyu ZhangMathematics
Florida State University
Phase-Field Models for Biofilm Growth, Expansion, and Biofilm-Flow Interaction
Mar. 14No seminar, Spring break
Mar. 21Lili JuMathematics
University of South Carolina
2:30pm: 3D open shape correspondence through topologically consistent triangulations
Mar. 28No seminar
Apr. 4Konstantin MischaikowMathematics
Rutgers University
Building a Database for the Global Dynamics of Multi-Parameter Systems
Apr. 11Walter VillanuevaNIST Diffuse-interface Simulations of Some Capillary-Driven Flows
Apr. 18David SaylorFDAMicrostructure-Based Modeling of Controlled Drug Release Coatings
Apr. 25Stephen DavisMathematics
Northwestern University
Dynamics and stability of foams
May 2No seminar, End-of-semester Luncheon

FALL 2007

Sept. 7 Dan Anderson Mathematics
George Mason University
Liquid Droplets Dynamics: Variations on a Theme
Sept. 14 No Seminar, Math Student Luncheon
Sept. 21 Maria Emelianenko Mathematics
George Mason University
Microstructure Evolution: Recent Progress and Open Questions
Sept. 28 Padmanabhan Seshaiyer Mathematics
George Mason University
Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Coupled Problems in Science and Engineering
Oct. 5 Yuri Mishin Physics
George Mason University
Atomic structure and dynamics of grain boundaries
Oct. 12 Tom Wanner Mathematics
George Mason University
Homological Analysis of Complicated Random Patterns
Oct. 19 Harbir Lamba Mathematics
George Mason University
The Efficient Numerical Solution of Stochastic Differential Equations
Oct. 26 Alfa Heryudono Mathematics
University of Delaware
Numerical computations for the tear film equations in a blink cycle with spectral collocation methods.
Nov. 2 Alexandra Landsman NRLSome synchronization phenomena of nonlinear oscillators-Theory and Examples.
Nov. 9 Domenico Napoletani Mathematics
George Mason University
Augmented Sparse Reconstruction of Protein Signaling Networks
Nov. 16 Dmitri Klimov Bioinformatics and Comp. Biology
George Mason University
Mechanical dissociation of amyloid fibrils
Nov. 23 No Seminar, Thanksgiving break
Nov. 30 Alina Alexeenko School of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Purdue University
Thermally Driven Microflows: Phenomena and Modeling Approaches
Dec. 7 Ernest Barreto Physics and Krasnow Institute
George Mason University
Synchronization in interacting populations of oscillators