Homework Assignments

Math 675-001

Fall 2017

In the following table, you can see when homework assignments will be handed out. Unless a due date is specified, the assignment does not have to be turned in. You can find the actual assignments in Blackboard under Assignments. In Blackboard under Course Content, I will post both solutions to the assignments, as well as videos discussing the solutions in detail. For any additional questions, please see me during office hours.

Homework with a due date will be graded and will count towards your homework score. I will accept homework for grading even after the due date, but only until I have finished grading the already obtained assignments or posted the solutions. This will usually be no earlier than the Monday after the due date. However, if you decide to turn in the homework after the due date, you are doing so at your own risk. After the due date, it is your responsibility to get the assignment to me before I have finished grading. Leaving the assignment in my mailbox or sliding it under the office door will not suffice. No extensions beyond the above policy will be granted.

This table will be updated regularly during the semester.

Week No. Assigned on Due on
1 (08/28-09/01) 0 08/31 ---
2 (09/04-09/08) 1 09/07 ---
3 (09/11-09/15) 2 09/14 09/28
4 (09/18-09/22) 3 09/21 ---
5 (09/25-09/29) 4 09/28 10/05
6 (10/02-10/06) 5 10/05 10/12
7 (10/09-10/13) 6 10/12 10/26
9 (10/23-10/27) 7 10/26 ---

Thomas Wanner, October 20, 2017.