Math 213 - Analytic Geometry & Calculus III

Summer A Term, 2011

Dr. Stephen H Saperstone
Office: Science and Technology I, Room 203B
Phone: 703.993.1486


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06.15 Exam 3, June 20 - You may bring two 3x5 card with formulas, definitions,etc.
06.15 HW assignments updated
06.13 Solution to Exam 2 posted
06.05 Solution to Exam 1 posted
05.31 Exam 1, June 1 - You may bring a 3x5 card with formulas, definitions,etc.
05.31 Java applets added
05.23 Welcome to Math 213


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 Syllabus (updated May 22, 2011)
 Power Point Slides
 Important Dates

Java Applets - Require Sun Java Runtime Environment Version 6.0 (Update 24). Click here

  Basic Vector Operations (Dave Richeson)
  Dot Product (Dave Richeson)
  Cross Product (Dave Richeson)
  Cross Product (MIT)
  Parametric function/vector-valued function grapher (Marc Renault)
  Pittsburg Steelers Logo in Parametric Curves (Dave Richeson)
  Interactive Gallery of Quadric Surfaces
  The Gradient and Level Curves Applet (E. Serdiouk)








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