Fall 2017:

  • Math 214
  • Math 478

Summer 2017:  EXTREEMS Program


Recent Teaching:

  • Math 214 Spring 2017
  • Math 414 Spring 2017
  •    (A complete list is on my CV.)

Undergraduate Research in Computational Mathematics:

The EXTREEMS Program is a current program for undergraduate research in computational math, starting in 2015. 

The Undergraduate Research in Computational Mathematics (URCM) program was an NSF-funded CSUMS program, completed 2013.  URCM website



The Department of Mathematical Sciences at GMU has periodically run an NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates program. There is close interaction between URCM students and REU students. See the GMU REU website for more information. 

Undergraduate Students: 

  • Robert Allen, undergraduate senior thesis, "Turing instabilities and spatial pattern formation in one dimension,"  2002-03. PhD, 2009. Currently an assistant professor, mathematics, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse.
  • Tyler White, undergraduate senior thesis, "A neurological model for shell pattern formation," 2005-06. Just finished a  PhD, mathematics,  George Washington University.
  • Hanein Edrees and John Price,  "Phase separation dynamics in multi-component alloys," URCM program, joint with Thomas Wanner, 2007-08. This work is a portion of a published paper. H.E. is now a medical student, Georgetown University.
  • Colleen Ackermann (Virginia Tech) and William Hardesty (UMBC),  "Nucleation and spinodal decomposition in ternary-component alloys"  (see paper), REU program, joint with Thomas Wanner, 2009. Currently a senior, VA Tech.
  • James O'Beirne, URCM program, joint with Thomas Wanner, 2009-2010.
  • Olga Stulov (SUNY-New Palz), REU program, joint with Thomas Wanner, 2010.
  • Ian Johnson, URCM program, joint with Thomas Wanner, 2010-2011. A paper on this work appeared in DCDS-A.
  • Nima Namazi, URCM program, joint with Thomas Wanner and Tom Stephens, 2013-14. 
  • James Trichilo, EXTREEMS program, joint with Thomas Wanner, 2015-16. 
  • Harout Boujakjian, Kathleen McClain, Conor Nelson, MEGL program, 2016.
  • Arsah Rahman, 2016 MEGL and 2017 EXTREEMS programs. 

Masters Students

IMG 0814
  • Karen Crossin, Masters Project, 2003. Now a lecturer, mathematics, GMU.
  • Anne Costolanski, Masters Thesis, "Explosion points in skew maps." The thesis received the department's outstanding graduate student award, 2007. Current PhD student, NC State. 
  • Vanessa Little, Masters Project, 2011. 
Richard Tatum PhD Defense Day

PhD Students

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