1. Pendulum Gyrations, Meanderings of attractor basins for the forced damped pendulum, 2014, by Evelyn Sander and Jim Yorke.

  2. Homoclinic Bifurcation in the Henon Map, 2015, by Evelyn Sander. 

  3. Nucleation, 2010, by Thomas Wanner. Views from our  paper on the nature of phase separation in ternary alloys.

  4. Spinodal Decomposition, 2008, by Thomas Wanner. An mesoscopic view of a metal alloy as it undergoes phase separation. In a series of papers, we have been able to give an explanation for the nature of the early pattern formation.

  5. A Three-Dimensional Explosion, 2007. Watch as the movie's attractive star undergoes an drastic unstable event leading to new depth of character.

  6. Synchronization Sets in Drive-Response Systems, 2003. In which a loop of synchrony turns into a zigzag, available from the SIAM DSWeb Picture Gallery.

  7. Spinodal Decomposition, 1999. Binary alloys forming in glorious color.

  8. The Arnold Cat Map Movie, 1998. Starring Marlowe the Cat (see glamour shot below). Watch the star become very mixed up.

  9. The Arnold Clown Map Movie, 1998. Sequel to the Arnold Cat Map Movie. It is the same map, different main actor, different embedding.

  10. New Tangencies Form From Old Intersections, 1998. A sequel to Creation of a Homoclinic Tangle. This is a quick dynamical flick also known as The Lambda Lemma in Action. A narcissistic tale of a manifold becoming attracted to itself as a result of crossing the path of another manifold. (PG-13)

  11. Creation of the Homoclinic Tangle, 1998. This movie is quite chaotic in parts, but there is some subtle character development.
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