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  • Math 213  Spring 2020
  • Math 776  Spring 2020 

Mathematics Through 3D Printing: 
capstone course offered fall semesters 

3D printing in the STEM classroom: How to design your own prints with example codes.


My research concerns numerical and theoretical methods of dynamical systems. Recent research includes

  • Period-doubling cascades and chaos
  • Quasiperiodicity
  • Turing instabilities in reaction-diffusion equations with local and nonlocal terms
  • Rigorous computation
  • Spinodal decomposition and nucleation for Cahn-Hilliard and diblock copolymer type equations. See Thomas Wanner’s pages on the phase separation phenomena of spinodal decomposition and nucleation. Here’s a 3D print of my research.

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For further information, check out my Curriculum Vitae.

Exploratory Hall Rm. 4408・Fax: (703) 993–1491・E-mail: esander at gmu dot edu 
Mailing Address: Dept. of Math. Sci. MS-3F2, GMU, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030, USA