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A list of some random bio info that didn't fit anywhere else:

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Check out collaborator Thomas Wanner's website. In particular, the photo shows him posing with our two most exciting, impressive, and time-consuming ongoing collaborations.

3D printing in the GMU Math Makerlab

I enjoy throwing pots. 

Odyssey of the Mind Co-Coach 2011-15, with Jeff Offutt

Often find four-leaf clovers when they are in season.  

Enjoy SCUBA diving with avid underwater photographer L.M. Sander. Also see more of his Photos

World's first paid electronic-only journalist. As a graduate student, I was hired by the NSF-funded Geometry Forum (now The Math Forum), under the direction of Eugene Klotz. (They paid my full salary with tuition and benefits.) This is my first interview.

Won first place in the age group in the National Unicycle Convention, 1992. Could jump rope on a unicycle without a seat. 

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Math on the big screen

Cool math toys

World Mathematics Year poster competition: First PrizeSecond PrizeThird Prize, and a poster that for some reason didn't win the World Mathematics Year poster competition

Goodbye Marlowe

The GMU Center for Neural DynamicsGMU Nonlinear Science Group, the Washington area chaos group and their names.

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