Math 621: Algebra I (Spring, 2013)

Here's a syllabus (which will likely be amended in the near future).

Jan. 29: Here is the first homework assignment, due Feb 6.
--Check out the following related reading, if you wish: Rethinking set theory, by Tom Leinster.

Feb. 10: Here is the second homework assignment, due Feb 18.
--Also, I have posted some hints and solutions for last week's homework.

Feb. 20: Here is the third hw assignment, due Feb. 27.
--You might enjoy the link given there.

Feb. 27: Here is the fourth hw assignment, due Mar. 6.

Mar. 5: I have posted hints and solutions for homeworks 2 and 3.
--Also, here is an interesting web site including interesting handouts (pdf files) on group theory.

Mar. 21: Here's a solution set for homework 4.

Mar. 27: The midterm exam, now converted to take-home status, due 4:30pm, Mon. April 1.

Apr. 1: Here's the fifth homework assignment, due Apr. 8.

Apr. 3: Here's a solution set for the exam.

Apr. 15: Here's the sixth homework assignment, due Apr. 22.

Apr. 16: Here's a solution set for homework 5.

May 3: Here's a solution set for homework 6.
-Also, here's the final exam.  Good luck!