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Optimal Control for Free Boundary Problems

For a description of PDE constrained optimization problems we refer to: link

A prototype free boundary problem can be found at link

A free boundary problem with curvature flow i.e., a Laplace equation inside the bulk and a Young-Laplace on the free boundary. Further on the free boundary there is an intimate relation between the curvature and surface tension. link (courtesy: Patrick Sodré)


We consider a PDE-constrained optimization problem governed by a free boundary problem. The state system is based on coupling the Laplace equation in the bulk with a Young-Laplace equation on the free boundary to account for surface tension, as proposed by P. Saavedra and L. R. Scott (see below). This amounts to solving a second order system both in the bulk and on the interface. Our analysis hinges on a convex constraint on the control such that the state constraints are always satisfied. Using only first order regularity we show that the control to state operator is twice Fr\'echet differentiable. We improve slightly the regularity of the state variables and exploit this to show existence of a control together with second order sufficient optimality conditions.

Finally we prove the a-priori optimal order of convergence for the control O(h).



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  • P. Saavedra, L. R. Scott.
    Variational Formulation of a Model Free-Boundary Problem . Mathematics of Computation (1991), 57(196):451--475. link