Preparing for the Math Placement Test

Getting Started

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In each section below, print out the worksheet. After completing the problems you can check your work by viewing the Video Playlist of problems linked in the table. When you click on the link, the problems will appear in the center column. For each problem you have the option of watching different people present the solution. Click on the person's photo to start the video.


✏️ OPEN and PRINT the Introduction to Trigonometry Worksheet  .  
Topics Video Worksheet Solutions
Degrees, Radians and Special Triangles Playlist Trig 1.1
Trigonometric Functions Playlist Trig 1.2
Graphing: Amplitude and Period Playlist Trig 1.3
Graphing: Phase Shift Playlist Trig 1.4
Inverse Trigonometric Functions Playlist Trig 1.5

Trigonometric Identities

  ✏️OPEN and PRINT the Trigonometric Identities Worksheet .  
Topics Video Worksheet Solutions
Introduction to Identities Playlist Trig 1.6
Proving Identities Playlist Trig 1.7
Sum and Difference Formulas Playlist Trig 1.8
Double-Angle and Half-Angle Formulas Playlist Trig 1.9
Trigonometric Equations Playlist Trig 1.10



  ✏️ OPEN and PRINT the Triangles Worksheet .  
Topics Video Worksheet Solutions
Right Triangle Trigonometry Playlist Trig 1.11
The Law of Sines Playlist Trig 1.12
The Ambiguous Case Playlist Trig 1.13
The Law of Cosines Playlist Trig 1.14