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Precalculus Algebra

Getting Started

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In each section below, print out the worksheet. After completing the problems you can check your work by viewing the Video Playlist of problems linked in the table. When you click on the link, the problems will appear in the center column. For each problem you have the option of watching different people present the solution. Click on the person's photo to start the video.


 ✏️ OPEN and PRINT the Functions Worksheet .  
Topics Video Worksheet Solutions
Domain,Range and Function Notation Playlist Algebra 1.1
Algebra with Functions and Composition Playlist Algebra 1.2
Inverse Functions Playlist Algebra 1.3


Quadratic Equations

  ✏️ OPEN and PRINT the Quadratic Equations Worksheet .  
Topics Video Worksheet Solutions
Factoring Playlist Algebra 1.4
Square Root Property Playlist Algebra 1.5
Completing the Square Playlist Algebra 1.6
Quadratic Formula Playlist Algebra 1.7
The Discriminant Playlist Algebra 1.8
Graphing Quadratic Functions
Quadratic Inequalities


Rational Expressions

  ✏️ OPEN and PRINT the Rational Expressions Worksheet .  
Topics Video Worksheet Solutions
Reducing Rational Expressions Playlist Algebra 1.9
Multiplying and Dividing Expressions Playlist Algebra 1.10
Adding and Subtracting Expressions Playlist Algebra 1.11
Complex Fractions Playlist Algebra 1.12
Graphing Rational Functions Playlist Algebra 1.13
Rational Equations Playlist Algebra 1.19


Exponential and Log Functions

  ✏️ OPEN and PRINT the Exponential and Log Functions Worksheet .  
Topics Video Worksheet Solutions
Exponential Functions and Inverse of a Function Playlist Algebra 1.14
Properties of Logarithms Playlist Algebra 1.15
Common Logs and Natural Logs Playlist Algebra 1.16
Equations Containing Logs Playlist Algebra 1.17
Graphing Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Playlist Algebra 1.18