Math 351-Probability 
Section 1
  Spring 2012
 David Singman

Office: Science and Tech 1, Room 235
Telephone: 703-993-1476
Web address:
Time of class: T-Th 10:30-11:45am
Office Hours: T-Th 1:30-3:00-pm and by appointment
Location of class: S&T I, room 242
Final exam: Thursday, May 10,  10:30am-1:15pm.

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Practice Problems from the text (not graded)  This is a list of problems from the textbook that I will update after each lecture.  We will go over many of them in class.   You should attempt to do them before we cover them in class.

Graded Homework   Here you will find homewrk problems for you to turn in which I shall grade. Solutions will be posted here after they are turned in.

Class Tests   Here you will find copies of tests, once they are given, and complete solutions.

Syllabus  The syllabus for the course can be found here. It lists test dates, grading policies and other information about the course

Chapter Summaries   Here you will find a summary of the main ideas of each chapter.