Math 315-Advanced Calculus I
Spring  2017, Section 1
 David Singman

Office: Exploratory Hall, Room 4203
Telephone: 703-993-1476
Office Hours: T Th 10:30-11:45am

Web address:
Time of class: T,TH 12:00-1:15pm
Location of class: RobA, room 123

Class Tests: Test 1: Thursday  March 2;  Test 2: Thursday April 13
Final Exam:   Thursday May 11, 10:30am-1:15pm


Practice problems    These are problems from the text which you should work on.

Graded Homework   These are problems to be turned in for credit.  There should be no discussion or help from anyone else in doing these homework problems.

Lectures Outlines and Class Notes  Here you will find the outline of my lectures and scans of the lecture notes.  You should read the appropriate lecture outlines in advance of the corresponding lecture and start thinking about the ideas introduced.  You should also make an effort to fill in the gaps left in the lecture outlines.  In this way you will get much more out of the lectures.

Quizzes and Tests   Here you will find copies of  the quizzes and tests given in class.

Syllabus  The syllabus for the course can be found here. It lists test grading policies and other information about the course.