Math 213-Analytic Geometry and Calculus III
Fall  2018, Section 2
 David Singman

Office and office hours: Exploratory Hall, room 4203; Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30-11:45am

Web address:
Time of class: T,TH 12:00-1:15pm
Location of class:  Planetary Hall, room 131

Recitation: Friday  9:30-10:20 am, Peterson Hall, room 2413;
                    Friday 10:30-11:20am, Peterson Hall, room 1109;
                    Friday 11:30am-12:20pm, Peterson Hall, room 1109.
TA: Duy Nguyen
Office and hours: Exploratory Hall 4462, hours Thursday from 9:45-11:45am.

Class Tests: Test 1 - Thursday September 27;   Test 2: - Thursday November 8
Final Exam: Thursday December 13, 10:30am-1:15pm

Updates: (Friday, 11/16) I just got a note from the Provost that we have a makeup day for our missed class yesterday.  The makeup day is Monday, December 10.

(Thursday, 11/16) I'm sorry that classes had to be cancelled today due to bad weather.  I actually made the trip in, only to discover once I had arrived that classes had been cancelled.  As I mentioned yesterday, your quiz tomorrow will be on 13.1.  Specifically you will be asked to evaluate an iterated double integral (such as the ones on page 14 and page 16 of the lecture outline for 13.1) and you will also be asked to write down the double integral which represents either the volume of a given region or the average value of some function (in the spirit of such questions on pages 14 and 15 ).  For additional practice on evaluating iterated double integrals I suggest you do some of the text problems for 13.1: 5-27.  For additional practice writing out volumes as double integrals do the text problems 1, 47,4 9.  For additional practice representing the average of a function in terms of double integrals do the text problem 33.  Please note that I have written up the solution of the two integrals on page 16 of the Lecture Outline for 13.1 which I didn't do on Tuesday in class (because I wanted to say something about Section 13.2) and I have posted them as "Class Notes for 13.1, part 2". 

(Wednesday, 11/15) Friday's quiz will be on section 13.1.

(Wednesday, 11/15) In view of the difficulty several of you had with the integration that I did in yesterday's lecture, I have posted a tutorial on basic integration technique.  You can find it by clicking below on "Lecture Outlines and Class Notes" and looking just after the class notes for yesterday's lecture.

(Tuesday, 11/13) I have posted the class notes on today's lecture in which we did most of 13.1 and started on 13.2.  I have also posted Test 2, my solution for Test 2, and some comments dealing with common errors that I saw while grading Test 2. 

This Friday's quiz will be on 13.1, so in preparation go over  the lecture outline and the class notes for 13.1, and then go over it again by redoing all of the exercises yourself (without looking at my solutions).

Practice Problems    These are problems from the text which you should work on in preparation for the lectures, quizzes and tests.

Lecture Outlines and Class Notes    Here you will find copies of the Lecture Outlines which we work through in the class lectures as well as scans of the lectures themselves.

Quizzes and Tests   Here you will find copies of  the quizzes given in the recitation and tests given in class as well as associated comments.

Syllabus  The syllabus for the course can be found here. It lists test grading policies and other information about the course.