Numerical Methods

Math 685 / OR 682 Section 002

FALL 2016

Mondays 4:30 - 7:10 pm

Exploratory Hall, Room 4107

Instructor: Tyrus Berry
Office: Exploratory Hall 4452
Hours: Monday: 7:20-8:20pm, Wednesday: 2:00-4:00pm
Web Page:

Prerequisites: MATH 203 and 213 or equivalent, and modern numerical methods and software.

Text: Numerical mathematics, by Alfio Quarteroni, Riccardo Sacco, and Fausto Saleri, SECOND EDITION (2007)

Errata and code for the book can be found at:

Grading: Two midterm exams and a final project will account for 60% of the final grade; the remainder will depend on homework projects to be handed in.

Grades in the course will be based on your INDIVIDUAL effort on the exams and projects. Discussion of course topics with others is helpful and encouraged; however, all work toward the solution of homework projects submitted for credit, including computer code and written summaries, must be done SOLELY by you.

Course Goals: Design and implementation of algorithms for the solution of scientific and engineering problems. Emphasis will be placed on the written and graphical presentation of solutions.

Course Content: See Schedule/Notes

Test Dates (tentative):

      • Midterm #1: October 17
      • Midterm #2: November 21

Computers: The software package Matlab will be used for analysis and presentation of data. Matlab is a computing environment with programming capability, good graphics, and powerful library functions. It is available on campus in the computer labs. Alternatively, a PC version can be purchased. Matlab tutorials can be found readily on the internet. There is a pretty good one at Mathworks, and another one in the textbook's appendix.

There are computer Labs in Innovation Hall, the Johnson Center, and the Field House. For hours of operation of these labs and other locations see Academic Computing Labs Page. You may also access Matlab through the GMU Virtual Computing Lab .

Honor Code: The University Honor Code is to be followed. Sharing information of any kind about exams or Matlab assignments will result in a grade of zero. Any violations will be submitted to the University Honor Committee.