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Preparing for the Math Placement Test

This webpage provides a resource for students who want to review or refresh math skills to prepare for Math 113 and the Math 113 Placement Test. This is not meant be a practice test, but only a study resource to review materials needed for Calculus. We are suggesting the use of MathTV because of it’s reasonable price and comprehensive materials.
Getting Started
You can view the playlists of videos linked in the study plan below at no cost. If you would like access to textbooks and other materials you can purchase a 12 month access code for $40. Go to to purchase the access pass. There is no Course ID needed.
Study Plan
The review material is divided into three parts:Basic Algebra, PreCalculus Algebra and Trigonometry. All are covered on the Math 113 Placement Test. For each section a printable worksheet and a table of video playlists is provided. Try to complete the worksheet problems on your own before viewing the video solutions. The textbook and more worksheets are available with the purchase of the All Access Pass. The access pass code can be purchased for $40 on the MathTV website listed above. The materials are linked below: