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Valeriu Soltan


Office: Exploratory Hall, Room 4202




Please visit George Mason Blackboard for this semester courses.

Research interests

Convex and discrete geometry: convex sets in n dimensions, special classes of convex sets, various problems of discrete geometry. Selected publications (see also ResearchGate):

  • Characteristic properties of ellipsoids and convex quadrics, Aequationes Math. 93 (2019), 371-413.

  • The Erdos-Szekeres problem, In: John Nash and Michael Rassias (eds), Open problems in mathematics, pp. 351-375, Springer, 2016 (with W. Morris).

  • Lectures on convex sets, World Scientific, Hackensack, NJ, 2015.

  • Affine diameters of convex bodies--a survey, Expo. Math. 23 (2005), 47-63.

  • Combinatorial problems on the illumination of convex bodies, Aequationes Math. 57 (1999), 121-152 (with H. Martini).

  • Minimum convex partition of a polygon with holes by cuts in given directions, Theory Comput. Syst. 31 (1998), 507-538 (with A. Lingas).