Mathematical Sciences

College of Science

Mathematics, BA - Traditional

In addition to satisfying university-wide general education requirements students must present the following.

College Requirements

  • Foreign Language: Intermediate level in a single foreign language.
  • Philosophy or Religious Studies (3)
  • Three additional hours of social sciences chosen from: ADJ, ANTH, GEOG (not 102 or 309), GOVT, HIST (not 100 or 125), LING, PSYC, SOCI (3).
  • Non-western culture (3).
  • Natural science: 1 credit in addition to the Mason Core requirement for a total of 8 credits. This requirement must be fulfilled by completing two of any approved "Natural Science" courses each of which includes a laboratory experience. This requirement may not be fulfilled by BIOL 124 or BIOL 125.

Mathematics Requirements

  • 26 credits of required MATH courses: MATH 113, 114, 125, 203, 213 or 215, 214 or 216, 290, and 322
  • 12 credits of electives in MATH numbered above 300,
  • CS 112 is recommended.

The above courses satisfy the university-wide requirement in quantitative reasoning. A maximum of 6 credits of grades below 2.00 in course work designated MATH may be applied toward the major.